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Willow Glen Terminal accepts first shipment of biofuel feedstock

Willow Glen Terminal LLC in St. Gabriel, Louisiana, announced on May 31 that it had received its first product shipment. WGT has entered into an agreement to supply renewable fuel feedstock to a major renewable diesel producer in Norco, Louisiana. Under the partnership, WGT will serve as a logistics hub, providing ocean and truck transshipment services as well as bulk liquid storage.

“We are very excited to open our doors and couldn’t be happier with the positive support we’ve received from the community, state and local leaders, customers and service providers,” said Stephen Senter, vice- president of business development at WGT. “At WGT, we have reimagined yesterday’s infrastructure for today’s economy, further equipping St. Gabriel, Iberville Parish, and the State of Louisiana for the ongoing energy transition.

WGT acquired the 700-acre brownfield in August 2020 with the aim of developing a multimodal logistics platform. The property was formerly home to the Willow Glen Generating Station, which was decommissioned in 2016. During the project, WGT recycled more than 30,000 tons of steel and 1,000,000 pounds of copper.

“We had a unique opportunity to reuse, rebuild and reuse legacy infrastructure,” Senter added. “Our vision was to make WGT a model for sustainable redevelopment and opening up to businesses is a big step forward.”