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Ukraine Receives Second Shipment of Starlink Terminals; Deputy Prime Minister thanks Elon Musk

Another shipment of Starlink terminals arrived in Ukraine early Thursday, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedovor informed. In his last tweet, Fedovor informed about the arrival of the antennas and thanked Elon Musk for keeping his word. “I received the second shipment of Starlink stations! @elonmusk keeps his word! Thank you for supporting Ukraine and world peace! @OMarkarova thank you!” Fedorov wrote on Twitter.

Elon Musk’s aerospace company SpaceX had activated satellite broadband service over Ukraine after Mykhailo requested the former’s help amid Ukraine’s armed conflict with Russia. Thanking Elon Musk, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister took to Twitter and said, “While your rockets are successfully landing from space, Russian rockets are attacking Ukrainian civilians! We ask you to provide Ukraine Starlink stations” after Kiev experienced disruptions in communications systems. Ukraine received the first batch of terminals on March 1, photos of which were shared by Mykhailov.

The latest development comes after Musk warned that Starlink services could be targeted by Ukraine’s enemies as it is currently the only non-Russian communications system operating in the country.

Russia attacks Mariupol maternity hospital

Earlier in his tweets, Mykhailov shared footage of Russian bombings at a maternity ward and claimed Russian missiles continued to kill “peaceful Ukrainians”. He also called the Russian side “murderers” and urged all state and commercial enterprises to stop cooperating with Moscow.

In a video shared by the deputy prime minister, he showed Mariupol hospital in ruins after an alleged shelling by the Russian army. “We will never forgive. Never. Motherhood right after the bombing of Russian murderers. Mariupol,” Mykhailov wrote in his tweet.

Ukrainian President Vlodoymyr Zelenskyy also spoke about the bombing of the maternity ward and, in a strong video message, said the incident was proof of genocide committed by the Russians. “The hospitals are in ruins, the schools are in ruins, the churches are in ruins, the buildings ordinary and all dead, dead children” and added that “a strike against a maternity hospital is definitive proof, proof of an ongoing genocide of Ukrainians.”

Image: Twitter/@FedorovMykhailo

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