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Ukraine pushes for gas shipments to switch from Nord Stream 1 to Ukrainian pipeline

Ukraine is trying to convince Western allies to transfer part of Russian natural gas shipments from the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to the Ukrainian pipeline.

As Ukrainian energy officials said Reutersit would force Moscow to pay more transit fees, which could help Ukraine’s wartime defense and deter Russia from damaging Ukrainian gas pipelines in the meantime.

“Representatives from Ukrainian pipeline operator and gas company Naftogaz spent a week in Washington meeting with administration officials and congressional lawmakers to urge them to convince Germany and other European allies to ‘adopt the plan,’ the article read.

Russia currently sends 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year to Germany on Nord Stream 1. It sends another 40 billion cubic meters to Europe via Ukraine’s gas transmission system.

The Ukrainian pipeline network has a spare capacity of more than 100 billion m3 and could easily absorb the flow from Nord Stream 1.

Ukrainian officials have proposed that 40% of Nord Stream 1 capacity should be immediately redirected to the Ukrainian pipeline, gradually increasing to 100% by April 2023. This would give EU states time to build stockpiles of winter and to diversify.

As noted, Germany has already shut down Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas project, which was designed to double gas shipments to Germany, as punishment for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February. The $11 billion project finished construction late last year but never started.