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SAN FRANCISCO and BENGALURU, India, August 11. 2022 /PRNewswire/ — real chipthe IP verification specialist, announced today that it has delivered the CXL 3 Verification IP and CXL Switch model to its customers. The addition of CXL 3 and CXL switch strengthens verification of PCIe and CXL subsystems holistically.

Speaking on occasion, Nitin KishoreCEO, Truechip said, “The CXL specification (with NVMe) and the CXL switch allow CPU, memory, and storage devices to operate more independently and reduce data rolling between device and host, paving the way to much more efficient composable heterogeneous computing servers.CXL 3 brings many additional enhancements, such as doubling the bandwidth of CXL 2 without additional latency, adding multi-level switching and fine-grained resource sharing , which will change the performance of the next generation of servers and data centers.” Mr. Kishore further added, “It is a pleasure for me to mention that with the delivery of the CXL 3 Verification IP and CXL Switch, Truechip is playing an important role in the development of the next generation of data centers and servers.”

“In this era of increasingly complex designs, changing customer expectations and high customization needs, Truechip aims to deliver positive engagement, goal-driven solutions and create compelling value for its customers on the market. ‘entire design cycle value chain’, added Nitin Kishore.

CXL 3.0 Distinguished Features:

1. CXL 3.0 adds 6 CXL.mem channels with the inclusion of M2S Back-Invalidate Response (BIRsp) and S2M Back-Invalidate Snoop (BISnp). He also added a new flit from 256B with features such as standard flit and latency optimization (LO) flit based PCIe flit modes.

2. CXL 3.0 also removed Retry Control Flit and LLCRD Control Flit and added in Control Flit band error for 256B Pane type. In addition, the retry mechanism for 256B Flits will now be performed in the PHY layer instead of the link layer.

CXL switch Distinguished Features:

1. CXL switch comes with different configurations as single VCS, multiple VCS and with MLD ports

2. CXL Switch also supports different initialization methods such as Static and with Fabric Manager based initializations,

3. The CXL switch supports hot add and hot remove device.

Speaking on occasion, Saurab AgarwalHead of Marketing & Sales at Truechip said, “Truechip’s ‘customer first’ approach has made us the preferred VIP partner for design companies looking for a modern solution that can propel their growth and transformation journeys, enabling the innovation, greater agility, rapid time to market and improved customer experience. We have widespread plans to expand our product offerings with the industry’s first P3 policy of performance, perseverance and permanence. » For more information about CXL 3 and CXL Switch and other VIPs, you can visit our website or click here. Truechip is a contributing member of the CXL Consortium.

Aabout Truechip:

Truechip is a leading provider of IP verification solutions, DFTs, physical design and verification services, which help accelerate IP/SOC design, reducing the cost and risk associated with ASIC development, FPGAs and SOCs. Truechip provides verification IP solutions for RISC V based chips, networking, automotive, microcontrollers, mobiles, storage, data centers, AI domains for all known protocols as well as development Personalized VIP. A private company with strong and seasoned leadership, having a global footprint and coverage across North America, Europeand Asia. Truechip offers the industry’s first 24/7 technical support.

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