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Trucker Tools Expands Shipment Tracking – Fleet Management

Trucker Tools’ integration with ELD software and hardware will enable more than 100,000 commercial vehicles in the United States equipped with Verizon Connect to enable location updates.

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Trucker Tools has enhanced the provision of real-time shipment tracking within its Smart Capacity platform by integrating with the Verizon Connect Reveal fleet management platform, which tracks compliance and hours of service commercial drivers, and provides near real-time in-transit location updates. .

Integration with the new ELD software and hardware offering will enable more than 100,000 commercial vehicles in the U.S. equipped with Verizon Connect to enable en-route location updates, sent as frequently as every 30 seconds with data sent transparently to the Trucker Tools platform. The data is used by brokers and shippers to manage load status, delivery planning and truck capacity planning.

Link to the Verizon Connect Reveal platform complements the Trucker Tools mobile driver app, which uses the driver’s smartphone’s built-in GPS capabilities to provide near real-time location updates as frequently as every 15 minutes .

“This gives truckers another option to automatically provide tracking data and provides shippers with richer, more comprehensive shipment visibility insights,” Kary Jablonski, general manager of Trucker Tools, said in a press release.

“This integration and the ability to track active loads helps truckers automatically communicate their status in near real time. Drivers can set it and forget it, undisturbed by manual verification calls and text messages,” Jablonski explained. “And they have the option to enable tracking through their ELD or the Trucker Tools mobile app. Either way, it’s a time saver that provides accurate, continuous updates and reduces driver stress.

In addition to automating tracking, customers will be able to see starts and stops, manage ETAs, better schedule warehouse labor to coincide with truck arrivals, and gain insight into when that truck will be available for the next load, said Erin Cave, director of Verizon Connect. product management.

Trucker Tools integrates with a number of ELD/Telematics vendors who collectively represent a base of approximately 3.5 million units installed in over 200,000 fleets, overwhelmingly operators of small full truck fleets with 10 trucks or less, and independent owner-operators.

Access to Verizon Connect ELD data is permission-based, with the truck owner and/or driver retaining full control over access. Once user authorization is received, a predefined API (Application Programming Interface) connects the Trucker Tools platform to the ELD, enabling automated transmission of location data in transit from the unit Truck ELD. Data sharing is limited to GPS updates in transit; no other ELD or telematics data is shared. The Trucker Tools platform also incorporates rules and instructions that eliminate duplicate data and ensure accurate reporting. More information can be found on the Verizon Connect Solutions Marketplace.

The Trucker Tools Mobile Driver app was launched in 2013 and has been downloaded by nearly 2 million truckers to date.

The Trucker Tools mobile app is available for Android and Apple smartphones and is provided free to independent truckers and small fleets.