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Trucker Tools adds Simple Truck to its shipment tracking platform

trucker tools users can now access single truckTrucker Tools’ ELD truck location data in Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity carrier and capacity management platform, the company announced.

In addition to an Electronic Logging Device (ELD), Lathrop, Calif.-based Simple Truck offers a set of online tools for commercial driver tax and regulatory compliance reporting, insurance and other safety devices.

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Simple Truck, which has more than 4,000 devices on trucks driven by independent owner-operators and small truck fleets, joins more than 70 Trucker Tools-related ELDs and telematics technology providers to capture location information from ELDs based on trucks,” said Prasad Gollapalli, the company’s founder and CEO.

According to the two companies, a secure application programming interface (API) was implemented in January to support the integration.

“We are excited to welcome Simple Truck to the Trucker Tools platform as an additional resource for accurate, real-time data enabling the quick shipment visibility that brokers and shippers need to manage their supply chains” , said Gollapalli. He added that the two companies were exploring other opportunities to collaborate, potentially adding a Simple Truck button to the Trucker Tools mobile app for drivers, making Simple Truck’s online tax and regulatory reporting services available to the community of independent Trucker Tools owner-operators and small fleet users. .

Gollapalli pointed out that providing ELD data is permission-based. The truck owner and/or driver controls access to their ELD. Once activated, data in transit from the ELD is seamlessly transferred to the Trucker Tools platform, accessible through the Trucker Tools Smart Capacity app on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Strict platform controls and permission-based access ensure that no other ELD data outside of location updates is shared.

For truckers, the benefit is flexibility, control, convenience, and a quick and easy solution to improve tracking compliance for customers. Activation can be instituted within one day of receiving a request from a shipper or broker and obtaining authorization from the driver.

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“Truckers can choose between automating tracking through the Trucker Tools mobile app or their ELD,” Gollapalli said. “It helps brokers and carriers further streamline their operations, improve carrier engagement, and quickly respond to shippers with timely in-transit location data.”

Trucker Tools has nearly 190,000 active small-fleet truckload operators on its carrier engagement platform, with more than 90% operating 10 or fewer trucks, as well as single-truck owner-operators. “This is a significant benefit for shippers and brokers,” Gollapalli concluded. “At times like these, everyone is looking to bring more smaller carriers and owner-operators into their network to help solve the capacity problem.”