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Third wheat shipment to Afghanistan – Journal

LAHORE: A convoy of 40 trucks returned to Afghanistan after picking up a shipment of 2,200 tonnes of wheat from India via the Wagah border.

India had previously announced that it would donate 50,000 tons of wheat to Afghanistan for humanitarian reasons.

Pakistan had agreed to facilitate both Afghanistan and India for the safe and duty-free transportation of the goods.

“This is the third shipment of wheat for humanitarian reasons from India that has been received by the Afghan government,” a senior official in charge of ongoing wheat collection operations told Dawn on Saturday.

In this regard, the first fleet of 41 Afghan trucks had collected a shipment of 2,500 tons of wheat from India on February 22. A second fleet of 36 trucks received 2,000 tonnes of wheat from India and reached Afghanistan safely on March 5. a third fleet of 40 trucks reached Wagah on the night of March 10, collected about 2,200 tons of wheat from Indian authorities, and returned to Afghanistan on March 11.

The official source said that the collection of the remaining wheat stock in India may not be completed within a month ending March 21 as only 6,700 tons have been collected so far.

“It may take more than two months for Afghanistan to collect the remaining 43,300 tons of wheat from India if the operation continues at the same pace,” he said.

The Indian government had agreed with an Afghanistan-based logistics company to send empty trucks through Torkham and Wagah.

Posted in Dawn, March 13, 2022