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The port chooses a new carrier for at least one shipment

The Port of Wilmington has attracted a new global shipping carrier, CMA CGM. The company announced Wednesday that it will make its first one-stop port of Wilmington in March.

Approximately 10,500 containers aboard the CMA CGM COLUMBA will be filled with furniture, household items, consumer products and construction tools from Asia for delivery along the eastern seaboard of the United States.

If the trial goes well and the company sees customer demand in the area, the shutdown could lead to more, officials said.

The Port of Wilmington is vying to attract new carriers amid a tight supply chain climate, especially as backlogs at crowded ports frustrate shipping industry officials.

“The port is excited that we will be working with CMA CGM, and we would like to deepen our relationship,” NC State Ports Authority spokeswoman Christina Hallingse said Wednesday.

With eight weekly services, the port has the capacity to roughly double its current weekly inbound volume.

CMA CGM chief commercial officer Rob Kusiciel said the company will monitor customer demand to gauge its future at the Port of Wilmington. “At CMA CGM, our flexible operational methodology allows us to pivot as needed to serve our customers, which is particularly beneficial in today’s supply chain environment,” he wrote in an email. Wednesday. “This inaugural call is the result of our dedication to providing customers with creative solutions combined with the proactive efforts of NC Ports Authority CEO Brian Clark and his team. Going forward, customer demand will be critical in determining our presence in Wilmington. If it’s successful and customers respond, we’ll definitely support it longer term.”

CMA CGM delivers along the East Coast, visiting New York, Boston, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Baltimore, Norfolk, Charleston, Savannah and Miami, Tampa and Port Everglades, according to a company spokesperson. Wilmington marks the company’s eleventh location on the East Coast.

The company makes a total of 54 calls per week to its East Coast stops. Citing data from the Port Import/Export Reporting Service (PIERS), the spokesperson said CMA CGM is the East Coast’s largest transpacific carrier by market share.

Across the industry, carriers are seeing record volumes due to unprecedented post-pandemic demand.

“With robust global demand and a booming economy, the inaugural port of Wilmington is another step for the CMA CGM Group to accelerate the flow of cargo to the United States,” said Ed Aldridge, President of CMA CGM, in the company’s press release. Press release. “Our strategic relationships in ports across North America give the group a competitive advantage to efficiently move products and provide customers with end-to-end solutions.”