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The Lost Cargo of Gold of 1882′ is a story of family and legacy in a western mining town

Marion Dees, a married father, grandfather and construction professional who discovered writing while recovering from serious heart problems, has completed his new book ‘Plumber’s Gap: The Lost Gold Shipment of 1882’: a gripping historical fiction inspired by his love for the state of South Dakota.

In 1875 gold was discovered at French Creek near what is now known as Custer, South Dakota. But larger amounts of gold were found in Deadwood and Whitewood creeks in the same year. Although the Black Hills and the land around them were all owned by Sioux Indians and Lakota tribes, white men flocked to the area, claiming plots of land. Most came to the Deadwood Gulch area; this illegal settlement was known as Deadwood, the most dangerous settlement in the United States at the time.

By 1905 most of the small gold mines had run out or had been sold off to larger companies. Moreover, by now most of the land granted to settlers by the government’s Homestead Act had already been claimed by farmers and/or ranchers and former miners. However, some of the farms had been returned to the government due to the death of the farmer, and some simply gave up and left their farms. The land around Deadwood and Lead was rough land for farming, too rocky and hilly for most farmers. This land was now for sale at $1.25 an acre from the federal government. The railroad had moved in and was also selling land along its right of way at low prices, helping towns to spring up all along the rail lines.

Mary ran to where the gravel had been strewn, bent down, and picked up a gold coin. “That, Mom, that’s what I was talking about. They were everywhere, hundreds of them.

Published by Page Publishing, Marion Dees’ captivating book is a great choice for avid fiction readers of all ages.

Readers wishing to experience this captivating tome can purchase “Plumber’s Gap: The Lost Gold Shipment of 1882” in bookstores around the world or online at Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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