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The first delivery of the Intel Core i9-12900KS 5.5 GHz processor has already reached its customers

The first customer of the upcoming Intel Core i9-12900KS 5.5 GHz processor received it before its introduction. According to reports, the chip is for sale on the website of the American store Bottom Line Telecommunications.

This is believed to be the first shipment of Intel’s flagship Core i9-12900KS processors before their official release. Although the seller has since removed the chip’s sales page, Digital Creator DAGINATSUKO was able to purchase the chip.

According to the images, this is the first batch of Intel Core i9-12900KS processors with the OPN code SRLDD, indicating that the processor still supports AVX-512 instructions. AVX-512 instructions make it possible to overclock processors by changing system settings, as readers will remember. Intel has confirmed that the chip order will be merged, preventing any further overclocking in future batches.

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The precise cost of the processor is now unknown, however, we reported it was around $790 before the website removed the ad. According to reports, only two transformers made it into the hands of customers before sales were halted.

In the 12th Gen Alder Lake desktop processor family, the Intel Core i9-12900KS is the company’s top-of-the-line processor. It has 16 cores (8+8) and 24 threads (16+8), with 8 Golden Cove cores and 8 Gracemont cores. P (Golden Cove) cores will have a maximum boost frequency of up to 5.5 GHz with 1-2 cores active and 5.2 GHz with all cores active, while E (Gracemont) cores will have a boost frequency of maximum of 3.90 GHz. with 1 to 4 active cores and up to 3.7 GHz with all cores loaded. The L3 cache will be 30 MB on the CPU. In terms of performance, the new chip is expected to increase single-threaded workloads by up to 5% and multi-threaded workloads by up to 10%.

Intel has hinted at this processor since CES 2022 earlier this year, but has yet to provide a specific launch date. However, as AMD plans to sell the Ryzen 7 5800X3D next month on April 20, Intel may launch the chip at the same time to maintain market competitiveness.

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