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The first air shipment of Chilean cherries from Pagoda has arrived

On November 1, the first batch of Chilean cherries imported by air by Frutacloud officially arrived at the Shanghai Huizhan fruit and vegetable wholesale market, and the Chilean cherry season was officially launched. The Early Brooks Variety happened this time, and specifications include J/2J/3J. The goods are in good condition and the fruits have high hardness, good color and normal Brix content. They are torn off on arrival.

According to official forecasts released by the Chilean Association of Cherries of the Chilean Fruit Merchants Export Association (ASOEX), Chile will export around 440,000 tons of fresh cherries to the world market this season, an increase of 25 % compared to the export volume of the previous quarter. about 350,000 tons. The export period will continue until the seventh week.

In terms of transportation modes, most exporters will adopt different logistics solutions this season to strive to improve transportation efficiency. As for air transport, there will be ordinary air transport and charter flights, and air transport is the fastest mode of transport. It is reported that there is enough space this year, and there is no need to worry about the capacity. But the freight is high, which will have a greater impact on the air freight cost and price.

For maritime transport, in addition to the more common container ship transport, there will be more chartering to supplement the transport. The main arrival ports for chartered ships are Dalian Port, Taizhou Port, etc., which can effectively avoid traffic jams. But unlike container ships which load and unload in “container” units, charter vessels sit on “trays”, which can affect the unloading speed to some extent.

In addition, there is also a form of combined sea-air transport. The route is mainly chartered from Chile to the United States, then from the United States to China. Combined sea-air shipping will be faster than sea shipping alone, which is perfect for early and mid-season arrivals and staggered arrivals with container shipping. However, from the perspective of the cold chain, although the container ship has the lowest speed, the cooling effect is the best.

In terms of variety, the first to arrive will be Royal Dawn/Santina, and the medium term will focus on Rabbits. The end of the season will mainly work with Sweet Heart and Regina. The Chilean cherry varieties expected to export more this season are Lapins, Santina and Regina.

Lunar New Year in 2023 is relatively early and the Spring Festival falls on January 22. Therefore, maintaining the good pace of sales will be the top priority for Chilean cherries this season.

Source: Frutacloud