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The expedition to the bakery ends in an arrest for drug trafficking | News

SALEM — A package recently destined for a Swampscott Road worker prompted a response from the Department of Homeland Security and an arrest for drug trafficking.

Rodolfo Valintin Mora, 35, of 141 Essex St., Apt. 2, Lynn, was arrested on February 15 and charged with trafficking 200 grams or more of cocaine after she signed the package with undercover officers and police posing as delivery people, according to Capt. John Burke of the Salem police. He is being held pending a hearing on dangerousness scheduled for February 23.

Salem police were contacted by Department of Homeland Security officers after “intercepting a package in the Cleveland area which they determined contained cocaine,” Burke said.

The package, shipped from the Dominican Republic, was to be delivered to Mora where he worked at Jacqueline’s Gourmet Cookies, where “he used his position there to receive the package,” Burke said.

After confirming that the package contained cocaine, Homeland Security agents and Salem police then performed a “controlled delivery.”

“Mr. Mora, he met the officers and police who weren’t dressed as officers and police and he signed for the package,” Burke said, adding that Mora was later arrested without incident. then did our own inspection of the package.”

The box contained “thin vacuum-sealed plastic bags concealed in four different panels of the cardboard box. Inside the bags was a white paste-like substance compatible with cocaine,” read the statement, which was posted on social media on Tuesday. The cocaine weighed 456 grams, or just over a pound.

The company, meanwhile, was “completely cooperative in the process,” Burke said. “We have no evidence to believe they were a connection, other than this gentleman worked there. They were very, very cooperative and helped us with this investigation.

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