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The electricity exchange station produced by NIO in Hungary makes its first delivery to Germany

NIO’s Power Europe facility in Hungary recently delivered its first power exchange station in Germany. This is an important step in accelerating NIO Power’s development in the European market and being able to provide more convenient power services to European users.

NIO Power Europe Plant, as NIO’s first overseas plant, is the manufacturing, service and R&D center for NIO’s power products in Europe. The focus is on the manufacture and after-sales service of Power Swap Stations, training in electrical operations in Europe and innovation of electrical products.

Attending the shipping ceremony were Mr. Qin Lihong, co-founder and chairman of NIO; Mr. Shen Fei, Senior Vice President of NIO Power; Mr. Zhang Hui, Vice President of NIO Europe; Mr. Liu Bo, State Secretary for Bilateral Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, MP, Mr. Menczer Tamas, Consul General of Hungary in Shanghai, Mr. Szilárd Bolla and Ms. Rita Szép-Tüske, Deputy Director General of the Investment Promotion Agency.

At the ceremony, Lihong said the good diplomatic relations between China and Hungary have laid a solid foundation for business cooperation and Hungary has a favorable investment environment. He also thanked the Hungarian government for supporting NIO. As a truly global company, NIO sees Hungary as an important step for its European development.

When NIO Power’s European plant begins operating, it will support our goal of deploying 1,000 power exchange stations outside of China by 2025. It will become the R&D hub of NIO Power Europe, working in cooperation with our centers in Oxford and Silicon Valley to develop sustainable technologies and accelerate the achievement of zero emissions.

NIO will provide European users with superior experience and comprehensive power services based on years of practice in China. Meanwhile, the delivery of the Power Swap Station also marks an important milestone in NIO’s efforts to improve power services for European users.

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