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Tesla Giga Shanghai production 80% now – but no Europe shipping yet

Tesla is back to over 80% electric vehicle production at Giga Shanghai and despite losing a month of production, Elon Musk is confident that Giga Shanghai can mirror its Q1 2022 production.

According to a report by the Chinese publication Global Times, the 666 companies on the first whitelist for Shanghai have already recovered more than 80% of their production volume. Because Tesla was there as well, that should also apply to its Gigafactory there, although it may be below the reported average.

Moreover, Shanghai has now not only exempted 1,188 additional companies from the lockdown: according to the report, the government, together with its three neighboring provinces, is specifically coordinating the production and transportation of supplies for the chemical and automotive industries. At the same time, digital passes and shuttles should make it easier for employees to get to Tesla and other factories.

Tesla’s production logistics in China therefore seem to be stabilizing. However, it is currently uncertain if and how many Model 3s and Model Ys from the factory will reach Europe during this quarter. Shortly after the restart, several German customers received the message from Tesla that supplies could still be expected in May. Fittingly, ship spotters also cautiously reported that they had identified a candidate for the first transport during the second quarter. But if the Viking Adventure isn’t taking an unusual detour, then it doesn’t have Teslas on board for Europe on its current tour, as was shown over the weekend.

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