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Suspect linked to $100m cocaine shipment to Liberia released from Monrovia Central Jail – FrontPageAfrica

Whistleblowers express fear for safety

MONROVIA – Oliver Zayzay, the Liberian national linked to the importation of cocaine worth around $100 million into Liberia, has been released from Monrovia Central Jail, FrontPageAfrica got together.

Zayzay was arrested along with Makki Ahmed and Adulai Djibril Djalo on October 6 in Sierra Leone as they attempted to flee Liberia after the historic cocaine arrest and were handed over to the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency.

By Lennart Dodoo

He and other suspects were transferred to Monrovia Central Jail after undergoing approximately three weeks of interrogation by the Drugs Enforcement Agency.

The circumstances surrounding his release from Monrovia Central Jail remain unclear. However, whistleblowers who reported the cocaine discovery to the US Embassy and the Liberian government fear that their lives are currently at stake due to his release.

Their fear stems from threats made by some of the suspects involved in the contraband shipment who allegedly took their photos and recorded videos of them on their mobile phones and sent via WhatsApp to their partners. According to the whistleblowers, they received death threats from the suspects when they were apprehended by state security forces who were secretly called to the scene by the whistleblowers.

FrontPageAfrica collected their concern was communicated to the Minister of Justice, Cllr. Franck Musa Doyen.

The police investigation has established that Zayzay, owner of Prime Logistic and Supplies, facilitated the escape to Sierra Leonean co-suspects Makki Ahmed and Adulai Djibril Djalo who were wanted by the Liberian government for transporting cocaine to Liberia .

Zayzay allegedly contacted co-defendants Malam Conte and Adulal Djibril Djalo following a request from his friend, Pillar, who informed him that some of his friends had arrived in Monrovia and needed vehicles for the lease.

Accordingly, on Saturday, October 1, 2022, Zayzay led co-defendants Makki Ahmed Issam and Adulal Djibril Djalo to the Liberia-Sierra Leone border and used an illegal crossing point via the Mano River under cover of darkness to escape. to

arrests or co-defendants who were wanted by the state.

How involved Zayzay was?

The Daily Observer had earlier reported that the cocaine bust had begun Zayzay and his Brazilian associate walked into the AJA Group office at Bong Mines Pier, Monrovia, asking to buy a container of pigs feet.

The first attendant they spoke to asked for more details as the men seemed to want a larger purchase than usual. Apparently the AJA Group is bringing in containers of fresh frozen produce – partly to supply its own supermarket, as well as other traders, including market women. But for an individual to demand an entire container of pig’s feet, what would he want to do with all that shipment?

“We want to take it to Abidjan to sell it,” Zayzay told the AJA Group office attendant.

It was the first red flag. Aware of the supply and demand in the sub-regional market, the attendant quickly told Zayzay and his colleague that pig’s feet were not the commodity usually requested by Ivorians. It was chicken.

A bad timing for its release?

Zayzay’s release comes at a time when the Liberian Senate amended the Drugs Act which categorizes drug-related offenses into two, making them non-bailable and bailable based on the seriousness of the crime.

According to the wisdom of the Senate, those involved in the importation, distribution, mass production and possession of illicit drugs will not be eligible for bail when caught in the act, while end users of the drug will be entitled to bail when apprehended in the act.

The passage of the law was preceded by a report from the Senate Justice, Claims and Petitions Committee, along with a motion tabled by Grand Bassa County Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence.

Pro Tempore President Albert Chie appointed a conference committee to work with the House of Representatives to harmonize key elements of the law, which had previously been passed by the House of Representatives to then be submitted to the Senate for approval.

Conference committee appointees include Senators Varney G. Sherman of Grand Cape Mount County, Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence of Grand Bassa County, Augustine Chea of ​​Sinoe County, Steve A. Zargo and Joseph K. Jallah of Lofa.