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Superfast Levante delivers first delivery of wind turbine components to Cuxport

This shipment of 12 wind turbine blades, among other goods, is the first of a series that will arrive at the German port of Cuxhaven from Tuticorin in India, on board the RoRo vessel Superfast Levante.

The Spanish-flagged Superfast Levante is 157.96 meters long and 25.2 meters wide, with a gross tonnage of 17,373 metric tons. It was chartered by Nordex long-term group to sail as part of their South Asia liner service. From November, the vessel will regularly transport offshore wind turbine parts for onshore wind farms to the Cuxport terminal in Cuxhaven, at the mouth of the Elbe. Containers will be transported on the return trip to avoid empty runs.

The Cuxport terminal was chosen for its heavy infrastructure, its multifunctional services in the areas of RoRo and crane operations, and storage, and its multimodal connections to barge and road. The 81 meters rotor blades and the assorted cargoes will be unloaded with cranes ashore and stored at the Cuxport Terminal until transported by heavy trucks or inland vessels.

“A special heavy goods road crosses the roundabout so that heavy and bulky cargo can reach the junction of the A27 motorway quickly and without problems,” explains Roland Schneider, press officer at Cuxport. Thanks to the traffic lights circulating around the access road to the terminals, heavy goods vehicles benefit from priority access between the port and the motorway all night long. Vehicles can also navigate through the Cuxhaven road network without the need for a police escort.