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Steam Deck Shipping Update, Consoles Are Selling For $2000 On eBay

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The Steam Deck officially launched last week, but those who actually have the device on hand are rare. With many people’s orders initially marked Q1, Q2, and “After Q2,” Vlave has apparently updated those shipping times to reflect the device’s shipping time, with orders in suffering until “after the third quarter of 2022”, which means that many people who have already made a deposit on the Deck could wait until 2023 to get their hands on a device.

That’s bad news for anyone eyeing one of the latest Steam Deck reviews and thinking they’ll be able to pick one up quickly at a bargain price. Unfortunately, with the current worldwide shortage of chips on top of the capacity losses Valve may incur when producing a Steam Deck, you’re going to be waiting a bit. Valve UX designer Lawrence Yang revealed in an interview with IGN that Valve is struggling to keep up with demand for the Steam Deck, as bookings continue to pour in for the cutting-edge portable device.

“We had to delay for supply chain reasons; those continue to be issues, but we’re working through them,” Yang commented, but he goes on to say, “We imagine the launch will ramp up in terms of production. It will go up very quickly”. But, while Valve has now determined its production capacity, we now have a better view of Steam Deck sales and production. Yang also praised that “the first month we will be tens of thousands, the second month we will be hundreds of thousands.”

Therefore, you can be sure that Valve will be churning out at least 200,000 Steam Decks each month, and with the numbers quickly piling up, you might still have to wait a long time, as it looks like the console is a lot more popular than it is. that Valve had originally planned. . It also inspires hope for a successor to the Steam Deck in the years to come. Who knows, maybe users who were waiting for the current Steam Deck will eventually be upgraded to a slightly newer and shinier model.

Users lament their wait for the Steam Deck

While some users indeed have more clarity on when they might get their Steam Deck, other users have shouted that they might wait until the end of the year, or beyond, to get the handheld. Some users on Reddit claimed they booked in July last year, and even then they only had a third quarter estimate for their devices to arrive, with many others also having a ‘After Q3’ moniker 2022”.

‘I booked 5 minutes after they went live. I’m Q3,” said one user, “I’m about to cancel to be honest,” they continued. The reality for consumers who are excited about the Steam Deck is somewhat deflated by the reality of the Valve’s approach to their booking system, which can easily be manipulated, as was the case with next-gen console launches, to access bots and scalpers, although the hurdles are slightly more higher than before.

eBay resellers are sated, selling Steam Deck for over $2,000

It’s pretty much obvious at this point that many people who were part of the first wave of orders for the Steam Deck just wanted to resell the device after it was released, that’s a pretty common tactic among many, and it was the one that was employed throughout the launch of the current generation of consoles in the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. Now it seems to be repeating unfortunately with the Steam Deck, with legitimate customers being left out for scalpers, who make huge money selling the Steam Deck on eBay for multitudes more than its MSRP.

Unfortunately, since people are there to appease the high prices set by resellers, there will always be people willing to part with more of their money to get a product right away. It’s not helped by the fact that the Steam Deck is a device that’s clearly in short supply, which will eventually drive prices up until you get another situation like the one we saw earlier with GPUs. .

Valve, please make more Steam Decks

Honestly, this device is incredibly cool, and since it’s basically a version of Linux that you can take along and use like a full-fledged PC in addition to the apps we see here, you can expect to see a lot more of the Steam Deck when it comes to actual usability outside of just running SteamOS and launching games. The device is essentially a laptop, and it’s only a matter of time before we eventually see Windows ported to it, or entire desktop setups built around the versatility that the Steam Deck offers, it looks like That, unless you want to pay a stupid price for one, then you might just have to twiddle your thumbs and wait in Valve’s booking system.

We’re currently in the queue to get one past Q3 2022, so we’re going to be in the same boat as hundreds of thousands of people, eager to get their hands on Deck as soon as it finally arrives. Don’t support scalpers, though. It’s just not worth it. Instead, spend your money on a device like AYANEO Next or OneXPlayer.