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SRTF food security intervention receives first shipment of wheat in northeast Syria – Syrian Arab Republic

Northeast Syria – Thursday, October 13, 2022 – The SRTF announced the delivery of 195 tons of durum wheat to flour mills in northeast Syria, as part of the food security intervention “Improving food security in northeastern Syria”.

This shipment is the first batch of a total of 10,000 MT of wheat purchased to be delivered under this project.

This integrated intervention aims to rehabilitate three wheat flour mills and support their milling operations using purchased durum wheat, thereby increasing the availability of flour for bakeries in the area to improve community food security and boost the local economy. In addition, it will support the operation of the mills through capacity building, including the provision of administrative, managerial, technical and logistical support, and by providing soft and durum wheat to ensure adequate flour to produce bread.

With a budget of 3.4 million euros, this intervention directly benefits 100 people and their families through employment in the mills and around 45,000 people per month through access to affordable bread. high quality in targeted areas.

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Improving food security in northeast Syria

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