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Sony stops sharing delivery updates for PS4

Image: Push the square

Sony is no longer providing shipping updates for the PS4, its previous console. Although the system remains highly relevant in terms of software support and the platform holder has pledged to manufacture more, Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad noted that the organization seems to have ended new official sales data for form.

That’s no huge surprise: In the past fiscal year, the company only shipped 1 million units — and there will likely be even fewer in the current fiscal year. This means the official total for the format will be around 117.2 million units, making it the second best-selling home console of all time, behind the PS2. If you want to include handhelds, the Game Boy and Nintendo DS are also on top.

It is very likely that the Nintendo Switch will surpass the PS4 record later this year, but it is clear that the console is in esteemed company. It’ll be interesting to see if the PS5 can match those numbers: rising costs, a looming recession, inventory limitations and intense competition could prevent the company from hitting its targets – but let’s see what the next five years reserve us. .