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Shipping numbers point to GA recovery

General aviation shipment figures released yesterday by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) indicate a continued recovery in the sector after the worst of the pandemic months.

GA shipments for the first quarter of 2022 were up nearly 15% from the same period in 2021, which GAMA President and CEO Pete Bunce attributed to regulatory changes.

“It is reassuring to see aircraft deliveries continue to show strong progress as we emerge from the impacts of the pandemic,” Bunce said. “It is particularly encouraging to see piston aircraft deliveries continuing their positive trajectory and exceeding last year’s figures as well as those of the first quarter. issues of 2020 and 2019.

“This report shows increased light aircraft deliveries from a number of companies that have taken advantage of the new CS/Part 23 airworthiness standards for new aircraft models and upgrades. The upward trajectory of the light aircraft segment is attributable to regulatory reforms undertaken by several regulators which enable new technologies and new aircraft and entrants.

“We are optimistic that the continued implementation of these standards across global regulators will continue to advance safety while bringing exciting new aircraft to the GA market.”

The battle for the master trainer market continued in the January to March quarter of this year, with Piper’s Pilot 100 and Archer combining to dominate the Cessna C172SP for line honors, Piper shipping 11,100 and 22 Archers against 20 Skyhawks. Diamond and Tecnam returned flat numbers for the DA40 and P2010 respectively, but the Cirrus SR20 was down 50% over the same period in 2021.

However, Cirrus SR22/T has maintained its dominance in the single broadband market to the point that it almost has the segment to itself. Cirrus shipped 60 SR22s against just 14 of all other types combined. Beechcraft’s iconic Bonanza recorded no shipments for the fifth consecutive quarter, with the last delivery occurring in the fourth quarter of 2020. The C182 Skylane recorded nine shipments for the quarter; a better result than in Q1 2021 when none were deployed.

The GA twin-engine sector bucked the growth trend, holding steady in Q1 2022. Diamonds continued to dominate, with the seven-seat DA62 (9) and four-seat DA42 (8) leading the way. No Barons or Senecas were shipped and even the Tecnam P2006T was down 38%.

Daher had a disappointing first quarter with the TBM series down 71% and the Kodiak 100 down 60%. They were unable to share the strong overall performance of the single-engine turboprop segment, which saw the Caravan series up 129% from Q1 2021, the PC-12 up 86% and the M500 /600 also returns a better result. Three Epic G1000 GX cells have been shipped, which is only one cell below the quarterly average since the certified model hit the market last year.

In the single-pilot jet market (where everyone seems to claim victory), the Cirrus SF50 Vision saw the most shipments at 11, up 57% from last year. Among jets, the Cessna M2 took a rare win over Embraer’s Phenom series, which was surprisingly down 40% from the first quarter of 2021 and the HondaJet HA420 was also flat with just four planes sent to customers.

Major aircraft shipments

Airplane Q1 2022 Q1 2021 Switch
Piper 100 driver 11 3 267%
Cessna C172SP 20 27 -26%
Piper Archer III 22 13 69%
Diamond DA40 20 18 11%
Cirrus SR20 8 16 -50%
Tecnam P2010 11 9 22%
Cessna C182T 9 0
Beech G36 Bonanza 0 0
Cirrus SR22/T 60 54 11%
Piper M350 3 0
Mooney Ovation/Cheers 0 0
Diamond DA50 2
Beech G58 Baron 0 0
Piper Seminole 4 2 100%
Piper Seneca V 0 0
Diamond DA42 8 13 -38%
Tecnam P2006T 4 6 -33%
Diamond DA62 9 4 125%
Cessna Caravan Series 16 7 129%
Kodiak Quest 100 2 5 -60%
Pilate PC12 13 7 86%
Daher TBM 900 series 2 7 -71%
CAP 750XL 0 0
Piper M500/M600 7 6 17%
Epic G1000 EX 3
Cessna M2 8 7 14%
Embraer Phenom 100 & 300 6 ten -40%
Honda HA420 4 5 -20%
Vision SF50 11 7 57%
Pilates PC24 7 3 133%
Cessna T206H 8 6 33%