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Shipping diesel in international waters refuses to enter local waters until payment is cleared

Colombo, March 31 (DailyMirror) — A diesel vessel carrying much-needed cargo for this week is currently in international waters and the vessel’s captain is refusing to enter local waters, until payment for the cargo is cleared. made in advance, senior industry sources told the Daily Mirror last night. It is still unclear how many tonnes of diesel the ship is carrying, but sources said the captain is holding the ship in international waters until payment is made.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa had given a guarantee that funds would be released for the expedition, but the captain refused to accept this guarantee. He also fears that if his ship enters local waters, it will sit still for several days without the Sri Lankan government being able to clear it.

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The government is responsible for demurrage charges for the delay in clearing the shipment, but at this time no immediate funds are available for the discharge of the shipment.

Once the government confirms that the payment is ready and has been made, the vessel will enter the port of Colombo for discharge.

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This will lead to the shortage of diesel currently existing on the market, which will be extended for a few more days.

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation has asked the public not to queue at filling stations for diesel as no stock is available.

However, among the shipments already received, diesel will only be distributed for essential supplies.

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