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Shipment of 128,000 bottles to reduce the shortage –

Posted on 21.10.2022 at 11:22 by Nana Kamsu Kom

A ship carrying 4,000 tons of gas arrived at the port of Douala-Bonaberi on October 20. A second shipment of 8,000 metric tons arrived in the early hours of October 21.

The Cameroon Petroleum Depots Company assures Cameroonians that the shortage is coming to an end, on the occasion of the arrival of a large shipment of the precious product at the port of Douala-Bonaberi. Véronique Moampea Mbio was accompanied by Ngalame Ngome, the head of the Douala Csph branch and a representative of the Ministry of Commerce.

The tanker-filler was carrying 4,000 metric tons of gas, the equivalent of 128,000 cylinders of liquefied petroleum gas. “We have just gone through a rather difficult situation which has plunged us into a shortage. This shortage is linked to several administrative, financial or technical factors. But the message we want to convey is to reassure the population that after a few days of shortage of domestic gas, we are once again supplied.“, declared the director general of the Scdp.

At the entrance to the Scdp base in the port of Douala-Bonaberi, dozens of tankers are waiting to be refueled. Some of them are chartered by marketers to the Central African sub-region. “Our loading docks for trucks and tank cars are positioned to water the whole country, up to the interior, namely the West zone, Yaoundé, the East and the North”, added Véronique Moampea Mbio. With a filling capacity varying between 35 to 40 tanks per day, the Scdp teams will exceptionally work overtime (50 tanks per day) to enable them to supply the various points of sale in Cameroon.

In addition, continues Véronique Moampea Mbio, around October 25, 2022, another ship will dock at the port of Douala-Bonaberi: “We have firm confirmation of the upcoming arrival of 6 ships. “People need to be patient. The shortage is not only the prerogative of Cameroon. It is a global situation. All of Cameroon will be supplied in the coming days, by this weekend to be precise,” reassured the manager.

The Ministry of Commerce calls on the population to denounce any speculative practice observed on the markets. At the Hydrocarbon Products Stabilization Fund (Csph), Ngalame Ngome, the director of the Douala Csph agency, insists on the price of 6,500 FCFA officially applied for a bottle of liquefied petroleum gas of 12.5 kg.