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Sending formulas from Switzerland to SDF

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Another shipment of infant formula will land in the United States on Thursday, the White House announced. More than 44,000 pounds of Nestlé specialty formulas will ship from Switzerland to the United States on June 16.

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  • A shipment containing more than 44,000 pounds of infant formula is sent from Switzerland to Louisville, Kentucky
  • Nestlé Specialty Formula Bundle set to arrive Thursday, June 15
  • Thursday’s shipment equals approximately 548,000 8-ounce bottles
  • The formula will be distributed to hospitals, home care businesses and WIC programs nationwide

The shipment of Alfamino and Alfamino Junior from Nestlé Health Science, set to land in Louisville, Ky., marks the seventh Operation Fly Formula mission led by the Biden administration in the wake of the national infant formula shortage .

Thursday’s shipment is equivalent to about 548,000 8-ounce bottles, the White House said. They will distribute the formula to hospitals, home care businesses and WIC programs across the country.

The theft is facilitated by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Further Nestlé formula deliveries will be announced in the coming days, according to the White House.

As shelves remain scarce in many parts of the country, President Joe Biden has pushed his administration to mobilize a supply of infant formula from domestic and overseas factories, as U.S. health officials work to bring a Michigan Abbott plant back online after a recall. a 40% decline in market share of the company’s formulas.

Abbott’s factory in Sturgis, Michigan, reopened earlier this month.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear declared a state of emergency in early June over infant formula shortages, which activated the state’s excessive pricing laws to protect families looking for essential infant formula. The state of emergency helps ensure Kentucky families are not charged more than they should for infant formula, which is in high demand due to shortages primarily attributed to a lack of supply that has followed the closure of the Abbott factory.

Throughout the Operation Fly Formula series of missions, Nestlé announced plans to export approximately 42 million 8-ounce bottle equivalents to the US market.