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Samsung raises its 2022 smartphone shipment target from 300 million to 260 million units and turns its sights firmly to Foldables+

A few days after the Samsung Unpacked event where they showcased new foldable smartphones, Samsung Electronics’ MX Business President Roh Tae-moon predicted that “By 2025, foldables will account for more than 50% of Samsung’s total high-end smartphone shipments. Foldables will become the new standard for smartphones.”

Although this is a bold statement, we can better understand its prediction in light of Samsung’s latest reveal. The Elec reports today that “Samsung has lowered its smartphone shipment target for 2022 from the previous 300 million units to 260 million units”, a disappointing development.

The report further notes that “earlier in the year, the South Korean tech giant had planned to manufacture a total of 334 million smartphone units with the aim of shipping around 300 million.”

Before COVID-19, Samsung regularly shipped 300 million units per year. They shipped 250 million units in 2020 as the pandemic took hold and they never recovered. Still, the report says, “Apple is the only company so far that doesn’t seem affected by the situation among smartphone makers like Samsung.” So maybe Samsung’s loss of shipments in 2021 and 2022 isn’t limited to pandemic-related reasoning but rather Android’s growing competition from Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and others. , which the report does not take into account.

The report concludes by stating that Samsung “plans to self-manufacture 34 million units of smartphones between October and November, sources said, significantly less than previous quarters and the same period years ago.” To learn more, read the full report from The elect.

With the news that their smartphone business has been steadily declining since 2020, it’s now understandable why Roh wanted analysts to reflect on his prediction that 50% or more of their high-end smartphones will be foldable by 2025.

Samsung needs to move towards next-gen form factors such as foldable, roll-up/roll-down designs in a bid to leapfrog its Android rivals – even though their rivals are now offering foldables (01, 02 and 03).

Another rollable/scrollable smartphone patented by Samsung was released by the US Patent Office yesterday with some of the patent figures shown below.

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