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SALOTA International launches SAL BMS to improve shipment management

SALOTA International, a pioneer in freight forwarding and logistics with a good track record, is vying for excellence in the global supply chain industry with a strategic plan to be ahead of the competition.

The freight forwarder, in another first to gain customer trust and increase business efficiency, has launched SAL BMS, a cloud-based system allowing customers to send bookings and shipping instructions electronically and, once received, to be zapped directly into SALOTA’s operating system.

The product was developed on the basis that information only needs to be entered once, which would then trickle down to the entire shipping management process, resulting in many benefits for customers with a increased simplicity, accuracy, speed, efficiency and convenience.

Another specialty of the product is that it also avoids duplication of work for the client and Salota.

Many multinational companies have developed software systems to facilitate the freight forwarding industry. However, most of these systems had been designed by computer companies. SAL BMS, on the other hand, is the first locally developed software system by a freight forwarder – Salota International. This is why SAL BMS is unique because it responds directly to customer needs; developed by a customer-centric organization, said Kolitha Wickremasinghe, Managing Director of SALOTA International.

SAL BMS is the result of years of extensive research and tireless effort by the team that has developed a new product that provides a host of benefits to customers and the business to keep abreast of global demands in the world of digital commerce, said Wickremasinghe.

The occasion was also marked by the relaunch of the company logo.

“SALOTA has now become even more dynamic and new! We now have a new face and want to share this special moment with you,” he said.