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Saint-Vincent – Receipt of a shipment of urea from Venezuela

The largest shipment of urea in the history of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines arrived on November 13. The Venezuelan government and people are giving it to you.

Urea will no longer be charged to farmers in St Vincent and the Grenadines, according to a promise made earlier this year by Prime Minister Dr Hon. Ralph Gonsalves. This remark was made during a visit to Venezuela to hold talks with President Maduro.

A team led by the Hon. Saboto Caesar and HE Francisco Perez, the Venezuelan Ambassador to SVG, observed the unloading of the ship with Dr. Jean Saville Cummings and senior officials from the Ministry of Agriculture.

We are officially in a food production revolution in SVG, Minister Caesar said in an API live video, quoting revolutionary Che Guevara as saying: “When the extraordinary starts to be ordinary, then you are sure that you are in a revolution”.

He urged farmers to negotiate lease terms with owners of vacant land so that we can move towards the exponential increase in production needed to lower our food import bill and boost exports.

Within 48 hours, the first batch of urea will begin to be distributed to farmers. Distribution updates would be provided regularly, the agriculture ministry promised. 100 lb bags are used to store urea.