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Saint Lucia is experiencing sugar shipment delays

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The Ministry of Trade, Manufacturing, Business Development, Cooperatives and Consumer Affairs has experienced a delay in shipments of brown and refined sugar due to supply chain issues, and is working closely with international suppliers to expedite shipments to Saint Lucia.

Disruptions in the global supply chain are forcing consumers to contend with shortages of various commodities.

Sugar shipments were hit hard due to unfavorable weather conditions in source markets. Additionally, container shortages, especially 20ft containers, are becoming increasingly difficult to find due to port congestion and growing demand.

While these challenges may slow the delivery of these essential goods to
consumer, the department is keen to assure the public that all avenues are being followed to mitigate the impact of global supply chain issues. We assure you that sugar supplies are managed with the highest priority.

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Brown sugar will be available from the government supply warehouse on June 15th and an update will be provided on the regular supply of refined (white) sugar at the earliest.

The Department would like to thank you for your patience during this difficult time.

Source: Ministry of Commerce.

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