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Russia makes the first delivery of equipment for the ITER machine this year

The shipment of the next batch of Russian electrical equipment for the ITER fusion reactor has been completed.

The eight trailers containing Russian electrical equipment for the power supply systems of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor safely crossed the Russian border. The cargo was shipped from the territory of JSC “NIIEFA” (ROSATOM), St. Petersburg.

This is the first delivery of Russian components of the future machine made this year.

This delivery (the 24th in a row) includes busbars supplying the superconducting coils of the ITER magnetic system, switching devices and components for the busbar health monitoring system.

“The supply and commissioning of the power supply systems are essential to obtain the first plasma in the reactor currently under construction in France. In this regard, equipment should be delivered regularly to ensure the continuity of assembly activities according to schedule. Any delay in its delivery may lead to a postponement of the reactor’s commissioning,” said Leonid Khimchenko, deputy director of Russia’s ITER Domestic Agency.

The supplied equipment was developed and manufactured at JSC “NIIEFA” by order of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom within the framework of the international ITER project. Its manufacture is carried out in accordance with the supply agreement on switching equipment concluded in 2011 between the institution “Project Center ITER” – the Russian domestic agency ITER – and the international organization ITER.

The manufacture and supply of the entire system “Switching equipment, busbars and energy absorption resistors for the supply and protection of the superconducting magnetic system of the ITER reactor” – the most expensive and one of the most complex of the project – is the responsibility of Russia.

ITER is a project of the world’s first international next-generation thermonuclear experimental reactor, being built thanks to the efforts of the international community in Provence (France), near Marseille. The objective of the project is to demonstrate the scientific and technological feasibility of using fusion energy on an industrial scale, as well as to develop the technological processes necessary for this. The institution “Project Center ITER”, a private institution of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, fulfills the functions of the Russian ITER agency responsible for ensuring Russia’s in-kind contribution to the project.