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Russia keeps equipment shipment for Rooppur plant uninterrupted

Russia maintains shipments of equipment for the Rooppur nuclear power plant without interruption despite the global sanction following the Ukrainian crisis.

A freighter with a new batch on-board equipment for the Rooppur power plant left St. Petersburg recently, said a press release.

The equipment for units 1 and 2 of Bangladesh’s first-ever nuclear power plant included 1300 various objects weighing 1573 tons.

The cargo is expected to be delivered to the power plant site in June this year.

“Despite the international situation, our division being the general contractor for the construction of the Rooppur nuclear power plant is fulfilling all its obligations, both in terms of construction and supply of equipment,” said Alexey Deriy, Vice President of ASE and Director of the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Construction Project.

The Rooppur nuclear power plant will be equipped with two Russian VVER-1200 reactors with a total capacity of 2,400 MWe.

It is a scalable Generation III+ design that is fully compliant with all international safety requirements, the press release adds.

The engineering division of Rosatom State Corporation, Russia is the general designer and general contractor of the project.