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Rolls-Royce stops shipping vehicles to Russia

Rolls-Royce is suspending shipment of its vehicles to Russia following the war in Ukraine.

It also supports those affected with an immediate contribution to International Relief ORGANIZATION, the UN.

Rolls-Royce joins Porsche, Harley-Davidson, Ford and Mercedes in suspending operations in Russia.

British luxury brand belonging to the BMW group, Rolls-Royce motor cars has suspended delivery of its range of vehicles to Russia with immediate effect, due to current circumstances.

The company made it clear that it condemned the aggression against Ukraine, adding that it was following developments with great concern and dismay.

A spokesperson said:

“As a globally operating BMW Group company, we stand for the peaceful coexistence of different cultures around the world, anytime and anywhere.

“Our hearts go out to all who suffer suffering and loss in this war.

“The BMW Group is supporting those affected with a first immediate contribution to an international humanitarian organization of the United Nations. In addition, our employees help us in various ways.

He added in response to a question from the Chichester Observer:

“Given the current circumstances, we are not shipping cars to Russia at the moment.”

The luxury car maker has customers all over the world, including in Russia. Last year, Rolls-Royce recorded the best sales in the brand’s history.