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Rockley Photonics Announces Delivery of VitalSpex™ Pro Biosensing Technology for Alcohol, Lactate and Glucose Measurement

OXFORD, England & PASADENA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rockley Photonics Holdings Limited (NYSE: RKLY), a global leader in photonics-based communication and health monitoring solutions, today announced that it has delivered its VitalSpex™ Pro technology for non Invasive Alcohol, Glucose, and Lactate Testing to a Level 1 Early Access Consumer Wearables Client. The shipment of this advanced biomarker detection technology marks a significant milestone in the advancement of next-generation digital healthcare.

“Shipping the improved and more capable Pro version of our VitalSpex biosensing platform is a significant step forward for the future of the digital health category,” said Dr. Andrew Rickman, Chairman and CEO of Rockley. “We believe the ability to continuously monitor a broader range of biomarkers will be a game-changer. Our client’s ability to integrate our biosensing technology into smart wearables has the potential to transform health outcomes by enabling earlier detection of certain conditions and improving the management and treatment of diseases such as hypertension, liver disease or diabetes. With these advances, practitioners like Dr. David Klonoff, Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, increasingly understand that the important insights gained from continuous monitoring of multiple biomarkers provide a holistic view of the health of an individual.

Rockley intends to begin production of the basic version of its VitalSpex biosensing platform, which will measure biomarkers for blood oxygen, blood pressure, body hydration, core body temperature, heart rate, variation in heart rate and respiratory rate, in the second half of 2022. The company plans to begin production of the Pro version of its VitalSpex biosensing platform in 2023, which will measure an expanded range of biomarkers including alcohol, glucose and lactate.

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About Rockley Photonics

A world leader in photonics-based health monitoring and communication solutions, Rockley Photonics develops a full range of photonics integrated circuits and associated modules, sensors and complete solutions. From next-generation sensing platforms purpose-built for mobile health monitoring and machine vision to high-speed, high-volume solutions for data communications, Rockley is laying the foundation for a new generation of applications in many sectors. Rockley believes photonics will eventually become as ubiquitous as microelectronics and has developed a platform with the power and flexibility to address both mass markets and a wide variety of vertical applications.

Formed in 2013, Rockley is uniquely positioned to support large scale manufacturing and address a multitude of high volume markets. Rockley has partnered with many Tier 1 customers across a wide range of industries to deliver the complex optical systems needed to bring transformational products to market.

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