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Report: Samsung lowers smartphone shipment target below 2021 level


Anonymous, 2 hours agoChinese phones dominate the market. It’s inevitable Yeah, mainly because they’re just spamming phones like crazy in the market, mostly renaming the same phones they’ve already released 3 times under a different name in different regions and casual users, thinking they choose between different brands while choosing from the same brand. I mean take a casual user who has no idea what the BBK group is and compares OnePlus Nord models to Realme and Oppo Reno models thinking they are selecting between different brands while choosing from just one and even manufacturer. Is it always bad? No, not necessarily, but it’s definitely not helpful. As android fragmentation isn’t bad enough in terms of getting people stuck on android 11, 10 and even 9. Simply because manufacturers just aren’t interested in providing any kind of decent support or they just can’t because it’s just impossible to keep 50 spammy models on the market every year.


Anonymous, 2 hours agoChinese phones dominate the market. It’s inevitable Chinese phones have fallen 20% this year, while Samsung has grown. In what timeline is this “domination”?


Anonymous, 2 hours agoChinese phones dominate the market. It’s inevitable Chinese phone sales have been in freefall all year. If it weren’t for Samsung’s sales growth and instead the 20-40% losses that your Chinese brands have suffered, we would already be in a global recession.

I’m no longer fussing over the screen protector starting to peel off my Flip 3. I just needed the last 2 days to marinate that thought in my mind. It’s really not that bad. It’s only a small mark on the left side where the crease is. Doesn’t really affect viewing. If it’s in Flex mode, it wouldn’t be bothersome at all.

The grade will likely get worse over time. Growing up. Might start growing on the right side. If so, I’ll just try to peel it all off. I have to keep in mind that these are just material things. They can still be replaced.

I remember my phat Sony PSP had dead pixels and I just accepted them after a few days. It seemed worse to me. It wasn’t a lame screen protector. You will realize as you get older that being OCD on material things will drive you crazy and is a waste of time.


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Chinese phones dominate the market. It’s inevitable


Bodygard, 5 hours agoIt’s not the pandemic lol It’s inflation it’s the weak economy based on… moreI agree with you. Inflation is the problem and ever-increasing prices for high-end phones.
In Europe, the Samsung Fold will cost around €2,000. For that money… You can buy a good used car for that money…


DMX, 5 hours agoInflation and all, but also that they say people don’t see the need to change a 2…moreWhy are you talking about Xiaomi in the Samsung article?


Phones no longer receive significant upgrades from year to year. They upgrade one feature, then downgrade something else, and consumers become more savvy. No need to update as often, especially with longer update policies. Bring something really new and people will buy, but right now changing the camera from 48mp to 50mp or charging from 33w to 65w just isn’t enough.


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Rocking my A52. I don’t plan to upgrade before A55.

If Huawei had no restrictions on software and hardware…


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[deleted post]Still has more than 40% of the profits of the mobile industry.
Looks like Apple doesn’t care how many Chinese phones are sold under $200.


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RealLifePhones, 5 hours agoThe iris scanner was trash in my opinion 🤷‍♂️ I think the fingerprint sensor under the screen is… moreuh inflation problem


Super Android 22, 5 hours agoUnfortunately, they and Apple have stagnated the mobile phone segment, which has been going on for… moreI can tell you that Apple might cause the least environmental damage, at least in terms of revenue on their phones.
The reason being that most Android phones produce a ton of different models with thousands to millions in quantity. Then there are also the high turnover rates, which means people are constantly buying new models at least every 6-12 months.
Then again the mobile phone market itself has become absurd at the moment with how few upgrades there are in each generation and the fools who buy new phones every year or a new version contribute the most to this stupidity.


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It’s not even real inflation lol. Companies that make record profits and call it “inflation” are not real inflation lmao. Infinite growth as a business is not sustainable, and they don’t understand how to find a sustainable level to maintain. They always want to make more and more money, while reducing the amount of money ordinary people have. It really is as simple as that


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But Samsung claims the S22 series is a giant hit.
M and A never have sales decline at a high percentage year over year…

The popularity of the S series is decreasing every year, Samsung tries to hide it


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phones have become boring


My 5 year old S8 still works fine. Everything after s8/s9 was a downgrade. Other than the 120Hz screen (which massively increases power consumption) and the bezel-less display (but with that stupid punch-hole), everything has been downgraded. However, the prices are increasing day by day. Too bad for anyone with broken or very outdated phones, they have to pay more for downgrades.


It’s not the pandemic lol
It’s inflation it’s weak economy based on everything made in china and the money goes there to support cheap products in western countries so the rich can continue to live with their luxury by paying less, it’s the real estate bubble that makes poor people spend their whole lives paying high interest to greedy banks, etc.
It is a symptomatic disease of the system that has lasted for decades. One day it will burst and it will be ugly.


Given the price of the latest flagship handsets and the iterative little upgrades that every company cranks out these days, it’s no wonder its sales numbers need to be overhauled, then the fact that Android is MUCH more competitive and sharper than Apple will ever be simply because there are 24,000 different handsets from 1500 manufacturers worldwide against Apple and its 6 different handsets per year now add the rising cost of living and inflation and the world is getting deeper and deeper into trouble, no wonder people are cutting back on items that are a luxury item, Apple is lucky in this regard because its users will blindly buy the latest and greatest better every year, even though they produce worse iterative upgrades than anyone else in the industry.