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realme will create 15 “1 million shipments” markets in the next three years

realme is fast approaching the fourth anniversary of its debut as an independent brand in the smartphone market. The next opportunity for realme 828 Fan Fest provides a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the long and arduous path the democratizer of technology has taken to reach this stage and to rejoice in what realme has in store. realme started with the mission to empower the next generation of young people by giving them access to cutting-edge technology and trendy design concepts. Over 140 million loyal fans around the world have been thrilled with the innovation, accessibility, and community that realme brings to the table. The task facing Realme to enter the market was a daunting climb, with a highly saturated mobile phone market awaiting them and long-established players occupying the majority of the market.

Possessed by the “Dare to Leap” spirit, realme has persevered in its quest to fulfill its mission, never wavering along the way. The desire to serve young people with the innovative technology and design they need has helped the rising smartphone brand to carry on despite all the challenges. At present, realme remains the only smartphone brand fully focused on young people and enabling them to move forward. With the complex and ever-changing market landscape that realme has found itself in, it’s relevant to ask whether the global smartphone brand can maintain its pace of growth, continue to surprise its user base, and mold itself to suit. changing times and economic conditions. . After analyzing its overall strategy, Sky Li is convinced that it will rise to the challenge.

realme gained trust as a brand

Over time, realme has gained confidence as a brand with its fan base stretching across the globe. At present, realme is firmly entrenched in the global smartphone industry, and data shows that their full market rollout has been remarkably successful. While it’s fun to reminisce about the glory days of the past, realme never dwells too long on it because it’s focused on the future. According to Sky Li, “realme is now entering its second phase of growth as a startup, and in this next phase of our journey, we will further refine our focus on targeted long-term growth. This means increased focus on quality products and market orientation.” In order to better understand this new strategy, we need to dig a little deeper into the strategic changes that realme will make in the future.

On the product side, realme will adopt the “Simply Better” strategy which will give a premium to the product by increasing R&D investment by 58% year-on-year to further enhance its capabilities in delivering technological innovations. essentials more accessible. . With this strategy, realme puts more emphasis on its phone series, which has been realme’s technological democratization vehicle in the past and is realme’s most core product line. Number series phones integrate high-tech features into a visually appealing design with an affordable price tag. In addition to focusing more on improving product quality, realme will also streamline its operations by pooling its resources into a unified global development to be more in line with the “Simply Better” strategy. Product improvement is seen as the cornerstone of realme’s growth in the future.

realme strategy “Market Culture”

The market side will also see positive changes. Now that its core markets have been defined, realme will put a new emphasis on stability rather than expansion. This new market orientation is referred to as the “market culture” strategy, which will place particular emphasis on its two 10 million shipping markets while working to build a core of fifteen shipping markets of a million. Currently, realme has seven markets with annual shipments exceeding 1 million units with a Top 5 spot in some markets. realme is not afraid to dream big and is confident that it can climb even higher.

The great market uncertainty the industry is currently facing does not phase realme. The smartphone brand is confident in its place in the industry and believes that tough times don’t last forever, so it’s important to keep persevering even in stormy weather. In today’s era, smartphones have made us more capable than ever with AIOT extending these capabilities even further. The future Realme is working to build is one where technology brings together young people around the world and inspires them to do great things in their lives. realme will stick around to see this dream come true, no matter how many years it takes.

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