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Precision Graphics makes first delivery of automated robotic utility carts — Neuse News

Precision Graphics, Inc. of Snow Hill makes its first shipment of automated robotic utility carts for the table grape industry in California on June 20, 2022. The robotic carts are programmed to follow the grape picker through the vineyard and when the grape bin is full it transports the grapes to the processing area and another robotic trolley moves into place to allow the grape picker to continue harvesting the grapes. Robotic carts provide a significant improvement and time saving in table harvesting.

Precision Graphics, headquartered in Somerville, New Jersey, is a family-owned third-generation electronics manufacturing solutions provider with over 50 years of world-class electronics manufacturing experience. The company serves customers in many industry sectors, including robotics, industrial, automotive, telecommunications, aerospace and medical. The company’s new manufacturing facility in Snow Hill will complement Precision Graphic’s existing facilities in Taoyuan, Taiwan, and Somerville, New Jersey. This expansion increases Precision Graphics’ ability to continue to meet growing customer demand for manufacturing and fulfillment solutions. The company will invest $5.1 million in Snow Hill to open a new electronics manufacturing and fulfillment facility.