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Port of Wilmington Receives First Plywood Shipment

GT USA Wilmington, the US branch of Gulftainer, recently received its first shipment of plywood at the Port of Wilmington.

The consignment came from CMPC, a multinational that produces and markets wood, pulp, packaging products, household and non-household health protection products and tissue paper. Its products are made entirely from renewable sources.

The ship carrying 15,000 tons of new cargo to Wilmington was the Interlink Celebrity, from Chile. Additionally, GT Wilmington noted that a second plywood vessel for CMPC is expected to arrive in early December.

Joe Cruise, CEO of GT USA Wilmington, said, “We are delighted that CMPC has trusted GTW to help them manage their product through the Port of Wilmington. Our aim is always to provide services tailored to the individual needs of our clients by providing creative and flexible cargo handling, terminal and warehousing solutions. We believe we have achieved this goal with this first delivery. We look forward to developing a long-term partnership with CMPC.

Vic Moreira, CMPC USA Logistics Director, said, “We are very pleased with how our relationship is developing with GT Wilmington and how this first shipment has been handled. We are convinced that this will be the beginning of a lasting alliance.