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Port of Immingham welcomes fly ash shipment

Associated British Ports (ABP), the UK’s leading port group, has received its first shipment of Conditioned Pulverized Fly Ash (CPFA) at the Port of Immingham.

The raw material is used in other products to produce components for road or ground foundations, in the manufacture of concrete and cement, or tiles and bricks.

Simon Bird, Regional Manager for Humber Ports, said: “Immingham plays a key role in bringing components to the construction industry and we are delighted to welcome this first shipment of packaged pulverized fly ash. The strength of Humber Ports is in the diversity of markets and trade sectors we support, so it’s great to add another new product to this range.

Ivan Skidmore, Commercial and Technical Director of Power Minerals, said: “This is the largest ash shipment we have ever organised, and working with ABP has been very easy and clear, in terms of process and delivery. . They were very supportive throughout the process and implementation.

“This significant shipment of ash illustrates the strength of PML within our international group – EP Power Minerals – and demonstrates our ability to source ash, invest in delivery and ensure strong continuity of ash supply in the event of need.

“We always go above and beyond to meet our customers’ needs and this expedition, with the support of ABP, is a great example of that philosophy.”

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