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Port of Bristol receives first shipment of Mazda cars directly from Japan

The port of Bristol has received a first shipment of Mazda cars from Japan after the manufacturer chose it for its new direct import route to the UK.

Docked at Bristol’s Royal Portbury Dock last Monday (March 28), the NOCC Atlantic delivered 2,355 cars to Mazda’s new car port handling center on the Bristol Port Company estate.

The opening shipment is the first time that Mazda UK has imported directly to these shores and sees the port of Bristol become Mazda’s fourth port of entry into Europe, after Barcelona, ​​Antwerp and Zeebrugge.

Prior to its investment in the Port of Bristol, Mazda previously imported cars to Zeebrugge and then distributed them to regional hubs in the UK.

The new Mazda plant in Bristol offers a capacity of more than 8,000 vehicles, as well as a vehicle inspection and preparation centre.

Over the next 12 months, the new center will receive a ship approximately every 10 days with between 1,000 and 1,200 cars on board.

Mazda said it chose to partner with the Port of Bristol on its new direct UK route because of its “excellence in UK car port handling”.

Mazda Motors UK Sales Director Peter Allibon said: “This new direct operation from Japan to the UK will bring significant benefits to our dealers and customers. Our dealers will have access to a much wider choice of stock within our new central complex, which ultimately offers an optimized logistics journey to support customer choice and delivery times.

“Our new compound in the UK will allow for a wider range of available stock with a 10-14 day delivery window to a dealership, which will optimize the customer experience with better choice and faster post-production lead times. fast.”

All of Mazda UK’s production comes from the company’s factories in Hiroshima, Miyoshi and Hofu. The company said the new logistics route for shipping from Japan to the UK would eliminate the risk of delays resulting from transit from Europe to the UK, such as disruptions in the Channel Tunnel or problems of ferry.

Additionally, Mazda said its new Mazda 2 Hybrid model, which is built in France, will start arriving in Bristol later this spring, shipping regularly from Zeebrugge, Belgium.

Bristol Port Company motor trade manager Tony Dent said the port was “delighted” to have been chosen by Mazda as its sole UK import centre.

Mr. Dent said: “With our first direct delivery of Mazda vehicles having been unloaded at Portbury Dock, we look forward to establishing a continued and successful association with Mazda. As the main UK port for cars arriving from the Far East, the Port of Bristol is in a unique position to provide the ideal logistics solution”.

The Port of Bristol handles the import of over half a million vehicles a year.

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