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Police dismiss claims of large arms shipment seized at Mat South

By Anna Chibamu

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) have dismissed reports that a large shipment of weapons was intercepted and seized by security services.

The Daily Mirror article alleged that Zimbabwe’s state security agents seized a large shipment of weapons in West Nicholson, Matabeleland South province.

“State security agents say they intercepted three trucks (company name omitted) carrying six containers, some of which contained AK47 rifles, rocket launchers, grenades and other explosives hidden under tiles .” part of the story read.

In a statement on Saturday, police spokesman Deputy Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the story was untrue and should be ignored by the public.

“Zimbabwe Republic Police reject a report circulating on the social media platform and attributed to the Daily Mirror of the alleged recovery and interception of a large arms shipment in West Nicholson, Matebeleland Province South.

“ZRP categorically states that it has received no such report.

“The ZRP therefore rejects this false story with the contempt it deserves and the public is urged to ignore it.

“The police are currently carrying out investigations in order to establish the motive for the false story. The police reject sending weapons into the country,” Nyathi said.