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Plastic Filament Extruder Machine Line Testing and Shipping

The year 2022 is a difficult year for all companies, especially for exporting companies. Due to the Covid virus, foreign customers cannot come to inspect the supplier and cannot come to check the quality of the machine. Thus, many orders are pending.

Although we are faced with this difficult situation, we have signed around fifteen orders for our plastic filament extrusion machine line with customers from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Vietnam, Uganda, South Africa, Yemen, etc. The machine range includes PET plastic synthetic hair fiber extrusion machine, PET PBT Brush Filament Making Machinepet rope making machine, PET broom brush filament bristle production line etc With our professional machine line design, best service and good quality machine manufacturing, our customers confirmed the quality of our filament extrusion machine by video call when we test the machine, by tested samples from of our machine.

Our PET plastic broom rope filament production machine can use 100% recycled PET bottle flakes as raw material, which greatly reduces production costs. It is also environmental protection. So our machine line is welcomed all over the world. In the African market, our range of synthetic hair filament extrusion machines are also popular. It can produce both high temperature hair fiber and low temperature hair fiber, which can be made into many styles of wigs for African women. Our machine line has a good reputation.

Now engineers can go overseas for installation and training work, so that every line of machinery shipped is in good working order. Although customers can’t come, they can ask a reliable Chinese trading company or friends to visit us, to be reassured about our company and machine range. Besides our existing plastic monofilament machine product, we continue to develop new products such as PET pipes for using broom brush sticks from recycled PET bottle flakes. It’s new on the market. The produced PET pipe has the best performance compared to PVC pipe, steel pipe, etc. So they are good for broom brush stick, mop stick, etc. That is why this new developed line of machines is welcomed by some manufacturers of broom brush products.

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