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Pills seized from lemon shipment in Lebanon | The mail

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Lebanese authorities intercepted nine million tablets of captagon, a recreational drug, in a shipment of lemons, foiling an attempt to smuggle them into the Gulf, media reported. Captagon – a mixture of amphetamines also known as “poor man’s cocaine” – is one of the most popular recreational drugs among affluent young people in the Middle East. “We want to send a message to the Arab world about our seriousness and our work to prevent evil from harming our Arab brothers,” Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi said on Wednesday as he inspected the cargo in Beirut. In October, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain expelled Lebanese diplomats and recalled their own envoys following critical comments from a Hezbollah-aligned minister on the war in Yemen. Riyadh has also banned all imports from Lebanon. The United Arab Emirates has recalled its envoys. At their meeting this month, Gulf Cooperation Council leaders called on Lebanon to tighten border controls and take steps to deter drug trafficking through exports to Saudi Arabia and other countries. Gulf States. Dubai police said last week they discovered around $15.8 million (A$21.9 million) worth of captagon pills, also hidden in a shipment of lemons, and arrested four suspects. Australian Associated Press