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PetroCaribe fuel shipment to St Vincent delayed due to logistical issues

The first shipment of diesel fuel under the PetroCaribe initiative which should have landed here in September is now expected to arrive by the end of October according to Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves.

PetroCaribe is restarted with a 35% discount on fuel prices in participating member countries of ALBA.

“Assuming all goes as planned, sometime before the end of October it should have been September, but there are a number of logistical issues, but sometime before the end of this month we should see the premiere delivery of diesel under the PetroCaribe agreement. ”.

Gonsalves said he had been in contact with former National Security Ministry permanent secretary Godfrey Pompey who still sits on the board of local company PetroCaribe and said there could be up to 23 000 barrels in the particular shipment.

Gonsalves said the local company is still working on logistics with storage and Vinlec and arrangements for LPG will be made later.

Regarding urea, Gonsalves said that it is available, however, it is navigation and similarly asphalt which both require a specialized vessel to bring them.

In April this year, Gonsalves, on his return from Venezuela, said there would be weekly shipments of urea for use in agricultural fertilizers and free asphalt to repair roads. The Prime Minister also said at the time that more than 100 prefabricated houses would have been donated by Venezuela for those who lost their homes in natural disasters in 2021.

At Tuesday’s press conference, Gonsalves said he was informed that the company that was to take care of the housing has reduced the scope of its production.

“It’s still in the works, but I had to discuss an alternative with another country, a possible solution to some of the immediate urgent housing needs resulting from the volcanic eruption,” Gonsalves said.