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Overpower a man armed with a helicopter, thwart a fraudulent shipment of goods: 11 rewarded by the police

SINGAPORE – Mr Lawrence Ngu was picking up a durian from a shop in Bukit Merah when he saw people fleeing the area. He realized that a few meters away from him, a man armed with a helicopter was attacking another man.

Mr Ngu, 48, was one of six people who helped subdue the attacker on June 29 before police arrived and arrested the suspect.

On August 16, the police presented Mr. Ngu, a security guard, with the public spirit award.

Recounting the incident, Mr Ngu said he rushed to subdue the man on his own.

“I tried to use a chair to hold him down, but he was too big. He tried to attack me with the helicopter, and I fell and rolled down a slope,” Mr Ngu added. , who suffered superficial injuries to his hand and legs.

He got up quickly and came back to kill the man. At this time, other bystanders were also trying to subdue the suspect. Together they managed to pin him to the ground until the police arrived.

Mr Ngu said he saw video of a man allegedly attacking his wife with a helicopter in Beach Road in April.

“I then said to myself that if something like this happened in front of me, I should help. Who would have expected a similar incident to happen right in front of me? It happened very quickly and I didn’t I had no time to think. I rushed to help,” he said.

The helicopter-wielding suspect has been charged in court and the case is still ongoing.

Mr. Bernard Chan and Mr. Colin Chen were also among 11 people – nine men and two women – who received the Public Spiritedness Award for assisting the police in five cases.

The pair, both 44, foiled an attempt to ship approximately $29,000 worth of hard drives linked to a scam.

In 2020, Mr. Chan, director of freight forwarding company Penanshin Air Express, and Mr. Chen, owner of logistics company Zenex Technologies, received a request to ship eight boxes of hard drives to England.

The men received the hard drives in July 2021.

Their suspicions were aroused when they were told to replace the exporters’ names with their companies’ names before sending the shipment.