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Net-Zero Carbon Recap: Planting one tree per shipment

This fireside chat recap is from FreightWaves Net Zero Carbon Summit.

CHAT SUBJECT AT THE HEART OF THE HOME: How to motivate your sustainability program.

DETAILS: In this fireside chat, a representative from the nonprofit One Tree Planted describes how it works with companies like FreightVana to coordinate a unique sustainability program that engages suppliers and customers to participate in reforestation efforts. worldwide. FreightVana works with One Tree Planted to plant one tree for every shipment it carries.

SPEAKER: Shannon Breen is CEO and Founder of Freightvana.

ORGANIC : With a background in finance, Breen joined the logistics industry with Knight Transportation in 2012. Upon the merger with Swift Transportation in 2017, he led the synergy team and soon after took on responsibility for logistics and intermodal operations.

SPEAKER: Louis Lagoutte is in a strategic partnership at One Tree Planted.

ORGANIC : One Tree Planted is on a mission to restore the world’s forests. With a passion for reseeding and restoring ecosystems, Lagoutte believes that restoring natural systems can solve many of our most pressing problems.


“We thought, ‘What if we change the game and just do something tangible and simple that’s really easy for other people to follow? “”

“It’s more than the kindness and support of the program. It can also be self-fulfilling in the type of people you attract to your business. »


“This year, I hope we will plant 30 to 35 million trees. These things change all the time, but we have grown a lot. And it’s all thanks to the partnerships we’ve been able to forge with companies and organizations like yours.

“It’s really important for us to work with this industry, precisely because it’s an industry that produces a lot of emissions. But also, it is an industry that is so important. We realized this during the pandemic.

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