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Neoway Technology Development: Shipping and Revenues

Dublin, June 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The report “Development of the Leading Chinese IoT Module Supplier: Neoway Technology” has been added to from offer.

Founded in 2006, Neoway Technology is a leading Chinese supplier of wireless communication modules for IoT (Internet of Things) applications with products ranging from IoT wireless communication modules to in-vehicle diagnostic systems. For years, its wireless communication modules have dominated China’s smart grid bidding market.

The company also works with European and American telecommunications operators as well as automotive parts suppliers on on-board diagnostic systems. Although hard hit by COVID-19 in 2020, Neoway expects the next stage of growth in demand for replacement of three major energy meters in China and continued growth of V2X (Vehicle to Everything) products abroad.

List of topics

  • Development of Neoway Technology, focusing on its shipping and revenue performance as well as financial terms for the period 2016-2021
  • Development of Neoway’s main module products and includes its top five customers with sales value included
  • Future product development strategies in the fields of smart grid, smart water meters and smart gas meters

Main topics covered:

1. Shipments of Neoway Technology wireless communication modules
1.1 Neoway holds the 4th position in wireless communication module shipments in China

2. Main products and financial conditions
2.1 Company history
2.1.1 Phase 1 (2006-2009): develops the technology
2.1.2 Phase 2 (2009-2015): establishes a solid foundation for its leading position in the Chinese smart grid market
2.1.3 Phase 3 (2016-now): Expands to V2X and IIoT and to continue product diversification and overseas market growth
2.2 Key Products and Customers
2.3 Shareholders and management
2.4 Financial conditions
2.4.1 Revenue and net profit growth slows in 2020 for the first time
2.4.2 Gross profit margin at 14.7%
2.4.3 Increased spending in preparation for 5G

3. Future product development strategy

3.1 Continue to expand the smart energy market with its leading position
3.1.1 Smart Grid
3.1.2 Increased Adoption of NB-IoT in Smart Water Meter and Smart Gas Meter Markets
3.2 Focus on V2X devices as a new engine of growth

4. Analyst’s point of view

Companies cited

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  • Arrow Asia-Pacific Limited
  • AT&T
  • Beijing Automotive Industry Holding
  • Beijing Yidianyuan Network Technology
  • CPON
  • Fibocom
  • Gansu Province Electric Power Investment Group
  • Gender Electrical infrastructure
  • Gree Electric
  • Next Group
  • Harman
  • Intel
  • Media
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  • Neoway Technology
  • Qualcomm
  • Wireless Quectel
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  • Samsung
  • Shenzhen Nail Electronic
  • Shenzhen Zhaoxin E-Tech
  • Sunsea AIoT Technology
  • Suzhou Fulei Electric Appliance
  • Telefonica
  • Vanke
  • LIVE
  • Wahlap technology
  • Wahlee
  • Wasion Group
  • Yantai dongfang – Wisdom Electric
  • ZTE

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