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Nassau secures shipment of arms donated to Ukraine

NASSAU COUNTY, NY – After successfully collecting dozens of firearms to donate to the people of Ukraine, Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman announced that the county has found a way to ship the guns to the ‘foreigner.

Earlier this month, in partnership with SP Firearms in Franklin Square, Nassau County launched a campaign to collect firearms to send to the people of Ukraine, so they can fight against the Russian invaders. County residents donated guns—or money to buy guns—to SP Firearms. Blakeman said the weekend drive collected 60 firearms.

“We knew this was going to be a difficult process,” Blakeman said. “To get the guns to the people of Ukraine, we knew it would take a bit of time. We got great cooperation from so many agencies.”

Blakeman said the county received assistance from the State Department, the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, etc., to get the guns overseas.

Final help came from Kel-Tec Weapons, a US-based arms manufacturer, which will use its export license to ship the weapons overseas to Ukraine.

“We have a long business relationship in Ukraine and have lost touch with a good customer whose business was destroyed due to the war,” Kel-Tech executive Adrian Kellegren said in a statement. “Our company is in the process of opening a way to be able to donate almost 460 rifles to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence: 60 from the Nassau donation collection, 400 which were part of our client’s last order. We are pleased to announce that we have been granted an expedited export license to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.”

Blakeman said he hopes the Nassau campaign will inspire other municipalities across the country to hold similar gun drives and donate the guns to Ukraine.

“We hope this spreads throughout the United States,” Blakeman said.