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Mysterious shipment of multiple cans of syrup leaves Stratford woman baffled

Amanda Brady still doesn’t know why she received over 400 bottles of syrup. Photo / Ilona Hanne

Amanda Brady loves cocktails, coffee and taking part in contests – not necessarily in that order – so when her husband called to say that cocktails and coffee syrups had been delivered to their address, she thought that she had won something.

“I enter a lot of contests and I’ve won various things over the years, so it wasn’t impossible. I couldn’t remember entering anything to win cocktails or coffee syrups, but I thought maybe I forgot.”

Amanda was at the TET Kings Theater where she volunteered as an usher and projectionist when her husband called her.

“I thought when I got home I would see a notification on Instagram or Facebook or find an email saying I had won a prize, but then he sent me a picture of the boxes.”

It wasn’t just a few bottles of flavored syrup that had arrived at their house.

“He said a delivery truck had been, a big one, then sent the picture. It was six boxes, each box containing 24 gift boxes of three bottles of syrup. That’s 432 bottles of syrup in total.”

Each of these bottles contained 50ml of syrup, making a total of just under 22 liters of cocktail and coffee flavorings.

Amanda has already won a year of M&Ms, so she wondered if this was a prize offering a year of cocktail and coffee flavors.

“I’m pretty sure a year’s worth of syrup would always be less than the amount on my doorstep.”

When Amanda returned home from her volunteer shift, she checked the shipment details.

“It was clearly addressed to me, and the address was also perfectly correct, but there was no note saying ‘congratulations on winning’ and more worryingly there was an invoice showing payment required within seven days .”

Another concern was that while she had received three cartons of cocktail syrups and three of coffee syrups, the invoice stated that more were to come.

“He said to provide seven of each type, so I was even more worried there would be more over the next few days.”

Amanda contacted the company named on the invoice, Moi, to find out why she had received the surprise syrupy shipment.

“I messaged through their ‘contact us’ tab on their website, got no response, so I called, and the person I spoke to then asked me to Resending my message, so I retyped it and emailed it to She couldn’t explain why I was sent the syrup, though.

Since Moi’s website says the company runs a range of brands and products, Amanda was still wondering if she’d won a contest, but the person she spoke to at Moi had no idea.

“She just said she would arrange for the syrups to be collected, she said a trucking company would contact me the next day so I had to get them ready for collection.”

Amanda waited for the truck to pick them up the next day.

“No one arrived, no call, no truck. So I contacted Me again. They said they would have someone come and pick them up soon.”

In fact, Amanda waited 10 days for a truck to arrive to pick them up.

“I often take quick polls or online contests, but I can honestly say that none of the contests I’ve entered have taken as much of my time as receiving this delivery.”

Now the syrups are gone, but the mystery remains.

No one at Me has been able to explain to Amanda how her name and address appeared on a delivery note for 432 bottles of cocktails and coffee syrups, which means they can’t guarantee either. that it won’t happen again.

“I still don’t know if they were supposed to send me anything else, maybe one of the brands they represent had put my address in the system to receive a prize or something from a contest, because I can’t see another They would have had my name and address. They said a ‘system error’ meant my details were attached to the order, but I don’t know how they got my details in the first place.”

Moi did not respond to media questions about the mysterious delivery before the deadline.

Amanda had no explanation or memory of her strange delivery.

“I was wondering if they would give me one or two of the three packs as a thank you for being honest and contacting them, but the truck took away the 21 liters and 600ml of syrup.”