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MSC Chile sets record for refrigerated shipments

The ship MSC Carole, which sailed April 2 from Valparaíso to the port of Rodman, Panama, recorded the highest reefer container shipment record ever transported by MSC from Chile, with 2,082 boxes, or 4,164 TEUs.

The shipment consisted mainly of grapes, apples, pears, quinces and frozen products (fruit, salmon and seafood) destined for the east coast markets of the United States and Europe, two of the most important for chilled products exported from Chile.

The MSC Carole, built in 2021, has a capacity of 12,200 TEUs and 2,082 refrigerated holds, which were fully utilized for this expedition. It operates on the NWC-USA-SAWC service between Europe, the United States and the west coast of South America.

Prior to MSC Carole, the record was held by MSC Madhu B, with nearly 3,540 TEUs of reefer containers transported in March 2020.

Several factors contributed to MSC Chile reaching this new record. Francisco Herrera, Export Commercial Manager, MSC Chile, highlighted how the company can rely on cargo capacity and container availability, even in the current difficult operating environment. “Normally we would share space on northbound vessels operating our NWC-USA-SAWC service with Peru and due to operational issues caused by the heavy congestion we are seeing in ports across the country which has a impact on schedule reliability, we were able to book all the space on MSC Carole for Chile.”

MSC Chile was quick to proactively help customers advance their shipments to meet their supply chain needs and ensure their cargo would arrive at its destination in advance. Additionally, the stopover in Valparaiso ensured that our vessel was unaffected by the swells and high winds currently affecting the Port of San Antonio, allowing us to seamlessly load reefer cargo onto the vessel.

This record is the result of the joint efforts of the Sales, Customer Service, Reefer Operations and Operations teams of MSC Chile, as well as Logistics and Warehousing of our subsidiary MEDLOG Chile for land transport and logistics activities. “It is important to recognize the effort and professionalism of all our teams”, commented Francisco.

With 3,696 container units on board, MSC Carole is scheduled to arrive in Rodman, Panama on April 8. From there, the ship will continue its journey to Zeebrugge in Belgium and Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Keeping Chilean Fruit Exports Moving
Did you know that Chile is one of the main fruit producers and exporters in South America? It exports over 50 different fruits and is considered a world-class supplier for its reliability and compliance with food safety standards.

Providing reliable and efficient shipping services to and from Chile since 1994, MSC Chile today represents 280 employees, six offices, six ports, seven terminals, three weekly services and four depots, connecting our customers’ cargo to major world destinations.

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