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MoviePass Tracks Your Eyeballs, Shipment Delivery Scams, SIM Card Swingers Arrested

MoviePass will use facial recognition and eye tracking to make sure you’re watching ads, new types of delivery scams being used to spread malware, and swap gang arrest details of SIM cards and how you can protect yourself against a SIM card swapping attack.

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SLNT 4-Week Cybersecurity and Privacy Challenge – Created by Co-Host Tom Eston

MoviePass 2.0 wants to track your eyeballs to make sure you’re watching ads

Facebook asks me to send them a full video of my whole face

Shipping and delivery scams are becoming the preferred way to spread malware

Ready for more branding imitations, missed deliveries and document macros?

Spanish police arrest SIM card swappers who stole money from victims’ bank accounts

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