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More frozen chicken from Indonesia expected in August, first shipment delivered to distributor

SINGAPORE: More frozen chicken from Indonesia is expected to arrive in Singapore next month, after the first batch containing 50 tons of frozen chicken was shipped here last week.

The first shipment of produce – including two containers of chicken – was supplied by Charoen Pokphand Indonesia (CPI) under a new deal allowing Indonesian companies to export chicken to Singapore.

The containers left Jakarta on July 13 and arrived in Singapore on July 17.

The shipment was delivered to Leong Hup Distribution’s fully automated warehouse at Fishery Port Road on Thursday July 21, with the poultry expected to hit the market within a day or two, said Mr. Alfred Leek, Leong Hup’s purchasing manager.

He said the company has ordered five more containers of chicken, with delivery expected in August and September. Each container weighs 25 tons.

As frozen chicken from Indonesia is larger and heavier, at around 2.2kg, compared to frozen chicken from Brazil and Argentina, Mr Leek said he plans to sell them to rice vendors in chicken and other businesses, rather than supermarkets.

CPI has a contract to supply 1,000 tonnes of chicken meat to Singapore until the end of the year. The contract is valued at between 30 billion rupees ($2 million) and 40 billion rupees, CPI chief executive Thomas Effendi told CNA last week.

The shipments from Indonesia come after the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) announced on June 30 that it had approved Indonesia as a new source of chicken imports. This provided an additional source market after Malaysia banned chicken exports in May to ensure sufficient supplies for its domestic market.

Prior to the export ban, Singapore received around 34% of its chicken imports from Malaysia, almost all of which was imported as live chickens which were then slaughtered and chilled locally.

More than 20 countries are accredited to export chicken to Singapore, including Brazil, Thailand and Australia.

According to SFA, Singapore imported 214,400 tons of chicken in 2021.