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Moeco’s Innovative 5G-Based Shipment Tracking Makes Supply Chains More Sustainable

Moeco, the IoT-based tracking solutions company, has developed a new sustainable tracker that uses 5G to drastically reduce overheads for logistics companies. End-to-end supply chain monitoring helps reduce spoiled goods, improve efficiency and reduce CO2 impact.

BERLIN (PRWEB) April 13, 2022

Moecoa provider of visibility solutions that improve global supply chain operations, has developed a new generation of disposable freight trackers that enable logistics companies to significantly reduce costs through better visibility into location and destination. status of each package and shipment.

the Moeco Deed Tracker uses 4G and 5G cellular networks and supports data collection over 2G and 3G networks to provide logistics companies with real-time access to geolocation, temperature, humidity, light and shock data. The tracker operates in over 180 countries and is compliant with International Air Transport Association (IATA) standards, ensuring safe, sustainable and efficient operations while supporting harmonization across the aviation industry.

Real-time tracking means that freight acceptance at intermediate points in the supply chain is automated and the number of goods that need to be checked manually is significantly reduced. Since conditions are continuously monitored, only goods that have violated transport conditions require manual checks by staff, reducing labor costs at checkpoints.

Logistics companies can access real-time shipment analytics through a cloud platform via dashboards and point-in-time tracking that are easily affixed to packages and boxes. This enables logistics companies to offer their customers premium shipment tracking and disposition services – an added advantage in a highly competitive market.

Moeco is setting new standards in tracker durability. The Moeco Act Tracker contains less than 2g of lithium, which means it can be disposed of as plastic waste. And, with a unit cost starting at $14, a Moeco tracker is up to 80% cheaper than competing analog sensors.

Alexa Sinyachova, CEO and Co-Founder of Moeco, said: “There is a pervasive misunderstanding in this industry that any reusable item is better than a disposable item, when in fact a reusable tracker has a greater CO2 impact. higher than a disposable tracker. is due to the fact that only 5% of all shipments require two-way tracking – or reverse logistics – but reusable trackers must be returned to their original location once a shipment has reached its destination. Also, manufacturing a reusable tracker generates more CO2 than producing a disposable tracker, because the reusable tracker’s battery is larger.

“Most importantly, a disposable tracker does not require reverse logistics. On arrival at the end point, it is folded in half so that the electronic components can be disposed of as e-waste, the rest as recyclable plastic. We advocate the use of disposable trackers – it’s much better for the environment at a time when we need to focus on sustainable supply chains.”

About Moeco

Moeco is an end-to-end shipment tracking and monitoring solution for logistics companies. We are reimagining the future of industry by reducing labor costs and improving service quality through IoT and Big Data. We offer cost-effective disposable mini-trackers that easily attach to any shipment, and a cloud-based platform that provides real-time data on a shipment’s location, conditions, and shock events. Shipping data from over 180 countries can be monitored in the Moeco Dashboard, and 100% of this data remains the property of our customers. For more information, visit

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